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IDNL Members and Allies

IDNL Members and Allies

IDNL, English ‘Identity Netherlands’, provides educational facilities for the Dutch patriotic-identitarian movement in its widest sense. Inspired by the European New Right movement and committed to the ethno-nationalist cause, IDNL aims at supporting the growing Dutch anti-globalist and movement. IDNL also has a broad view of Dutch national identity: it views the socio- cultural legacy of our colonial history as an essential and valuable part of Dutch national identity. IDNL respects the historical rights of the ex-colonial minorities that reside in our country – as fellow rijksgenoten, ‘fellow empire subjects’, entitled to community-specific sfeersoevereiniteit, or ‘sphere sovereignty’. IDNL also wishes to strengthen the Netherlands’ natural and historical ties with the nations inhabiting its former overseas empire – these nations share a unique bond that is far more authentic than artificial globalist constructs such as the ‘EU’. These natural and historical ties have been shamefully neglected by the globalist clique that has been ruling the Netherlands since the anti-identitarian and anti-traditional ‘Cultural Revolution’ of the ‘60s.

IDNL considers the Flemish people of Belgium and the Afrikaner people of South Africa as integral parts of our ethnically defined Diets nation: the Diets nation brings together the Dutch, the Flemish, the Frisian and the Afrikaner peoples into a single historical nation, defined by the closest possible ethnic relations in terms of kinship, language, religion, culture and history. IDNL also wishes for close relations between the Dutch nation and the many nations that inhabit its West and East Indian ex-colonies: Surinam and Indonesia. IDNL specifically wishes to promote the historical rights of two grossly neglected minority groups that were particularly hard hit during the forced ‘decolonization’ of the Dutch East Indies: the Moluccan and West Papuan communities deserve our full support for their ethno-nationalist rights. As long as they hold Dutch citizenship, IDNL accepts and invites Full Members from among all these groups.

Non-Dutch citizens from among these groups can join IDNL as Rijkgenoot Bondgenoten, or ‘Fellow Nation Allies’. These Fellow Nation Allies will be regularly consulted on relevant program points and policy developments by IDNL’s Coordinator for Foreign and Minority Affairs, who also functions as their permanent representative on IDNL’s governing council.

As a sign of IDNL’s solidarity with our Rijksgenoten, IDNL has reduced its fees for members and pioneers living overseas – they will pay fees in accordance with the official landenfactor, or ‘living expense ratio’, determined by the Dutch government.


The goal of IDNL (Identity Netherlands) is to disseminate identitarian ideas in the Netherlands. We have founded a political party and organize meetings and lectures for politically engaged people. For more information, please contact us here.

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